Regimental Tents
Borrowing and Use Policy
Effective July 31st, 2003

The regimental tents which include:

99×9Wedge Tents
2 Sutler Wedge Tents
118×30Round Marquee Tent
120×20Square Marquee Tent
110×12Square Marquee Tent
1 Flanders Bell Tent
110×14Square Marquee Tent
110 X 12Fly

Members of HMEUC

May be borrowed by any member of the HMEUC, provided that the HMEUC or Twist Miniatures Design has no plans for their use for the time period requested.

The use of these tents is strictly for the purpose of display or for period encampment.

When borrowing one or more tents, the following procedures must be followed:

Written request must be submitted to the business administrator of the HMEUC at least seven (7) days prior to the date the tent(s) are required. The letter must clearly state which member will be responsible for the tent(s) and their safe return, what event and where and the number and type of tent(s) required. An answer will be given within three (3) days of the date request. The borrower will return the tent(s), poles, pins, pegs and storage bags in good condition, and will assume full responsibility for their safe return and for the cost of repair if damaged, moulded or replacement value if lost, stolen or destroyed.

The borrowed tent(s) must be returned to the HMEUC designated storage facility within three (3) days after the event for which they were borrowed. Any longer time period must be arranged with the business administrator of the HMEUC prior to borrowing.

Any member who fails to comply or abuse the above procedures will lose their borrowing privileges or be forced to make a cash deposit up front in order to borrow regimental tents in the future.

Non-HMEUC Members Policy

enactors who are not members of the HMEUC and wish to borrow tents will be charged a rental fee and are subject to the same borrowing procedures and guidelines as HMEUC members. Rental fees will be $25.00 per wedge or sutler wedge tent(s) and $100.00 per marquee tent(s) per event.

Non Re-Enactment Groups and Movie Production Companies

Non re-enactment related individuals/groups including movie production companies are subject to different rental fees and borrowing procedures and a $500 damage deposit.

Fees and deposits will be negotiated by the HMEUC business administrator depending on the type, amount and length of time the tent(s) have been requested.