HMEUC is a not for profit corporation with registered charity status. This benefit allows our group and its members to qualify and apply for government grants and loans. Also, we are recognized as a viable entity and can enter into contracts and legal agreements. Our organization can also give out official income tax receipts for donations made to the HMEUC Cost of incorporation was $2500.00

HMEUC has period historical equipment that is available to its members upon request and approval. Including tents, muskets, cannons, flags, accoutrements and other historic period goods and wares.

HMEUC has a great liability insurance policy through the National Firearms Association that covers its members and volunteers for up to 5 million. Members are insured as individuals and are not governed by group sanctioned events or which uniform they are wearing. Members can attend any historical event they wish in any time period and will always be covered.

HMEUC has many opportunities to employ members and re-enactors through education programs, interpretive seminars and the movie industry. We also co- ordinate and organize re-enactment events for historic sites, cities and towns.

$40.00Individual Membership
$60.00Family Membership

Note: Family membership includes only one individual that fires a musket. Any other immediate family member that fires a musket on a regular basis must purchase an individual membership for insurance coverage. Insurance is with the National Firearms Association.

We are always looking for new members and partners and our current membership encompasses the greater Simcoe County area with members from the Toronto and London area as well.

If you’re interested in joining, please contact us through the “Contact Us” page on this site. God Save the King!